Early Americanaat Its Best

Assembled following a lifetime of curation, the McFarland Early Americana Museum takes a step back in time to visit the history of farming and industry in America. See how some of that history has come together below.


The town of Hoopeston is founded.


James McFarland and the McFarland family first farm the land that will become the McFarland family farm.


The Hoopeston Canning Company, one of the largest contributors to the Midwest canning industry, is founded and the canning industry becomes key to the Hoopeston way of life.


Richard McFarland, the founder of the McFarland Early Americana Museum, is born.


The Sweet Corn Festival is created by the canning industry to celebrate the end of harvest. It goes on to become the largest in the Midwest.


Arthur Bryan raises an International Garand Champion Shorthorn Bull, solidifying McFarland farm’s status as a top shorthorn bull breeder in the Midwest.


Richard McFarland opens the Early Americana Museum, putting important agriculture and industry artifacts from Hoopeston’s history on display.


Pillsbury sells its canning company to its employees and it is officially renamed Hoopeston Foods. This factory is still in operation today.


The McFarland Early Americana Museum continues a tradition of providing one of the largest collections of early Americana exhibits in the Midwest.

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